Thursday 28th Jan, Meditation Challenge – Session Four


(Free for Centre Members)

Online Class: 7pm – 8pm
(Each class is available to view until Sunday 7th February at 7pm)

Meditation Challenge - Seven Buddhist Insights that Change Everything

Session Four – We are Deeply Interconnected

Start creating your own happiness from within in 2021 with a daily meditation practice. Get underway by exploring seven transformative Buddhist insights over seven days that have the power to inspire deep and lasting positive change in your life.
Each day for seven days, a new 1 hour online meditation class will be unlocked for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Challenge yourself to join in with all seven days in a row, or go at your own pace with each session available to view until 7th February.

Ideal for those who:
– Wish to enjoy a life of greater peace and happiness
Wish to start a daily meditation practice but aren’t sure where to begin
Had an initial enthusiasm for meditation that’s dropped off and needs reinvigorating
Are already practising regularly and would like to deepen their understanding

Daily topics:
Insight 1. The Real Source of Happiness is Inner Peace
Insight 2. Peace is our Natural State
Insight 3. We Can Live Free of Anxiety
Insight 4. We are Deeply Interconnected
Insight 5. Every Relationship can be Healed
Insight 6. We Have a Limitless Potential
Insight 7. Our World is a Reflection of our Mind

About The Teacher

Kelsang Tara is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Auckland. Tara has been studying and practising Kadampa Buddhism for many years, and ordained as a Buddhist nun in 2015. 

Tara’s inspiring teachings reflect her sincere wish to help those in need and to share her experience of Buddha’s life-changing instructions with others. She shows a humble, kind example and inspires students to make their lives happy and meaningful by integrating Buddhist wisdom into their everyday lives.

How to Access Your Class

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Depending on the speed and bandwidth of your connection some buffering may occur.  Your video will pickup from where it left off.

If you did not receive a confirmation email please login and under “My Account” go to downloads and click the corresponding link for the class you wish to view. 

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